#MeToo in Iran: Lessons & Questions Across Platforms

In a country like Iran, where streets have been taken away from people by the governmental force, and peaceful protests are responded to by armed police force, and in the time of enforced lockdowns during COVID-19, online activism is one of the most pressing areas in need of further research that humanities scholars must considerContinue reading “#MeToo in Iran: Lessons & Questions Across Platforms”

Does laughter come with borders? why the original Netflix show, HUGE in France is [not] funny.

Posted on Medium in June 2021 An original Netflix show I have recently binged on? Read about Huge in France here! Funny enough, part of me wants to think of it as a response from the French people to Americans who made Emily in Paris. It is, however, likely to be another way around as Huge in France is aContinue reading “Does laughter come with borders? why the original Netflix show, HUGE in France is [not] funny.”

About Ethos on Netflix

سریال ساخت ترکیه با بازیگرهایی که چهره‌شان را تک‌و‌توک در جم‌تی‌وی‌ها دیده‌ایم، در گروه سریال‌های ترکیه‌ای ماهواره‌ای که اغلب پر از مثلث‌های عشقی بی معنی مخاطب عام‌پسند هستند، قرار نمی‌گیرد، با اینکه داستانِ همان مخاطب را هدف قرار داده. اتوس، که ترجمه‌ی واژه‌ی ترکی‌اش به «آن دیگری» نزدیک است، داستان آدمها و به خصوص زن‌هاست،Continue reading “About Ethos on Netflix”

Italy and the US During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Published on Global Health Studies Blog-Project of University of Miami , Summer 2020 In August 2019, I traveled to the US for the very first time, and many things made me wonder at that first moment I got off the plane and entered the airport. The first thing I noticed was the stark gap betweenContinue reading “Italy and the US During the COVID-19 Pandemic”